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SAVING THE WORLD - ONE PARROT AT A TIME! We have 2 parrots in the rescue, and both are permanent residents!

Why Adopt A Parrot??

  • 1. There are too many birds that need good homes.
  • 2. Rescued Parrots have been assessed for behavior, temperament, physical health and dietary needs.
  • 3. Parrots can be Loving, Fun and Educational.
  • 4. Adopting from a Rescue means always having information resources.

    Due to continued harassment and slander from Other Parrot Rescues we are no longer in service. You may call 319-670-0067 if you need assistance of any kind. However, at this time, we have NO BIRDS to adopt out.

    Fruits and veggies make great daily snacks, especially the more nutritious fruits and veggies, such as those that are dark green or orange in color. Try various fresh foods to see what your bird likes the best. If you have a picky pet bird, offer fresh foods in a variety of ways: chopped, mashed, whole, grated, and so on. Donít give up too soon on feeding a certain nutritious item; it may take a while for your bird to get curious enough to try it. When you feed fresh foods, make sure that they only stay available to the bird for a few hours. After that, many fruits and veggies start to go sour or attract pests. Hereís a short list of some nutritious fruits and veggies you can try. Make sure to rinse everything very well before serving them to your pet bird, and use organic produce whenever possible. Fruit: apple banana berries melon orange pineapple Veggies: asparagus beans (cooked only) broccoli carrots cauliflower celery leafy greens peas peppers soybeans sprouts squash yams Supplements to Your Birdís Diet Avian veterinarians often recommend dietary supplementation for ďseed junkies,Ē those birds that refuse to touch anything other than seeds. If your bird is eating Lafeber products, you have much less to worry about, because these diets are nutritionally complete. Still, you may have a bird that is molting, laying eggs or recuperating from an illness or injury, or perhaps your bird is stressed from a recent move, loss of a mate or other stressful situation. In these cases, you should consider a dietary supplement to keep your bird in tip-top shape. Also, just as you may sometimes take vitamins, itís often good for a bird to have a vitamin and mineral supplement just to make sure that he is getting the nutritional elements he needs to remain healthy. Speak with your avian veterinarian about dietary supplementation before you start giving them to your pet bird. You can harm your bird by over-supplementing, but it canít hurt to offer a supplement a couple of days a week. If you add a powdered supplement to the water, change the water at least twice a day, and offer only fresh water (without the supplement) at night to ensure that bacteria doesnít grow in the dish. Cooking For Your Bird Birds love a home-cooked meal as much as us! Cooking nutritious meals is so easy. if you can crack an egg, you can make a delicious bird recipe. These recipes, all of which include Lafeber bird foods, are also great for weaning chicks and molting birds. Here are three dishes to try: Nutri-Berry Yummies Bird recipes donít get easier than this! First, buy a box of ready-made cornbread mix. Follow the directions on the package. Before you are ready to pour it into the baking pan (or muffin pan) add two cups of Nutri-Berries, then bake. You may have to bake it for a little longer than the package allows. Your bird will have a blast picking the Nutri-Berries out of the muffins! Cool before serving. Cut into squares and freeze, and then defrost when needed. Pan (Avi) Cakes This one is super easy, too. Buy a packet of ready-mixed pancake batter. If you can get whole-wheat pancake mix, even better. Make mix as directed on the box. Just before pouring the mix onto a heated griddle, break up some Avi-Cakes into it and then make your pancakes. Serve warm, not hot. Nutri-Meal Scramble If you can break an egg, you can make this nutritious meal. Break three eggs into a bowl, shell and all. Crumble one Nutri-Meal bar into the egg mix, and whip it together. Pour the mixture into a heated pan and scramble. Make sure that the eggs are very well cooked, dry, and cooled down before serving. This recipe offers your bird the nutritious wallop of a Nutri-Meal bar and a protein punch thatís great for feather production. Healthy Snacks For Your Pet Bird Along with your birdís base diet and other healthful foods, itís great to offer nutritious snacks, but most importantly, snacks should be fun to eat, like Popcorn Nutri-Berries. Ideally, youíll offer snacks formulated for birds rather than salty, fatty or sugary treats that might be in your cupboard. Snacks should make up no more than 10% of your birdís diet during the week. Healthy snacks can also include rice cakes, whole-wheat bread, no-salt added whole-wheat crackers, but in moderation.Copied from The Lefeber Website.

    A few things to be aware of:
    1. We seldom place birds with smokers.

    2. We never ship birds anywhere.

    3. We never place a bird with someone we haven't met, interviewed, and visited with, either here, or in their home.

    4. We only place large birds in a home with previous bird experience.

    5. If you adopt from us, you will sign a contract.

    6. We DO charge an adoption fee. All Birds come with some food, and toys appropriate for the bird's size.


    Email: KeokukBirds@MSN.com