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Fort Madison Veterinary Clinic

Pets We See

Dr. Marlin Henzel, D.V.M. and staff at Fort Madison Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to the care and well being of small animals, birds and other household pets in the Fort Madison area. We service pets from Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

We carry a wide variety of Flea and Tick medicines for Cats and Dogs, Assorted Vitamins for small Mammals and Birds

Animal Nutrition is the #1 way pet owners can affect their companions health and well being. We recommend and carry the Royal Canin line of foods for Cats and Dogs

and LaFebre products for birds such as Macaws, Amazons, African Grays, Love Birds, Conures, Cockateils, Parakeets and Finches.

We are located on 36th. Street, next to the railroad tracks (near Casey's Gas Station)1215 36th St, Fort Madison, IA 52627 (319) 372-9000