A Vacation Home for Your Bird(s)

Need a Vacation FROM your parrot? Need a Vacation FOR your Parrot? You have come to the right place. We offer first class accommodations,controlled air conditioning and heating, the finest birdy cuisine, a spa day (Wings clipped, beak & nails trimmed,& a shower), 24 hour maid service, protected outdoor time (weather permitting), a chance to flock together with other birds and a safe friendly environment. South East Iowa Parrot Rescue agrees to board the bird at a fee of $10.00 (Finch, Canary, Cockatiel, LoveBird,Parakeet, Parrotlet), $20.00 (Conures, Senegals, Mini Macaws) or $30.00 (African Grey, Amazons, Cockatoo, Macaw, Mynah)per bird/per week so that we can provide adequate care, to include housing, toys and diet. Veterinary care, if needed, is charged to the owner. Owner will always be notified if Veterinary care is needed, unless an Emergency arises. If Veterinary care is refused by owner, bird MUST be removed from South East Iowa Parrot Rescue immediately, and we will not be responsible for bird's health or well being which results from lack of Veterinary care.

Call (319)670-0067 or Email us at to plan your vacation today!

We accommodate Loving Couples
Swinging Singles

And Those Just Looking to Hang Out

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