Our Aviary

Welcome to our Aviary page. This is where our birds live and play.

Flight Cage

This is our outside Fight Cage. Donated by Dr. Ruth Decker in 2010. It is 10 !/2 ft high and 12 ft. wide. We have multiple perches both attached and hanging. Toys are changed out as needed. Outside Food and water. Base is earth. South West side is covered with a tarp for rain and excessive sun protection, and homemade nest tyoe boxes are available for weather protection as well.

Indoor Aviary

This is a 28 ft. by 12 ft. wide building. Heating and Air conditioning is provided. We do try to keep as many birda as possible outside during the warm months. WE have cages for anything from Finches to Macaws. Additional cages are available in our home if needed, including 3 double wide Macaw cages, ands a 5ftx8ftx7ft flight cage.