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SAVING THE WORLD - ONE PARROT AT A TIME! We have 11 parrots in the rescue, and 4 are permanent residents!We have 3Doves,and 2 Grey Cockatiels and 1 Lutino available for adoption.


Why Adopt A Parrot??

  • 1. There are too many birds that need good homes.
  • 2. Rescued Parrots have been assessed for behavior, temperament, physical health and dietary needs.
  • 3. Parrots can be Loving, Fun and Educational.
  • 4. Adopting from a Rescue means always having information resources.

    Do you have a Parrot or other bird that you feel you can no longer take care of? Many information sources are available to help you. Sometimes simply learning a few bird facts, and understanding bird behavior can help. If you feel that there is no hope, we offer either a Sanctuary(safe place for the bird)or Re-Homing (We find a new family for your bird.) Please also fill out the Intake Form .

    We now offer Bird Boarding too! A vacation for you AND your bird. We are not a 501(c)3 non profit, do to our small size, but make absolutely no profit from our birds.

    If you're interested in adopting, you should start by filling out an Adoption Application.

    You can print this and mail it by USPS, or use your computer and email it.

    Our # 1 priority is the birds we are caring for.
    There is a great deal of time, money,food, Veterinary care, cages and toys, that go into the rehabilitation of many of our birds. While we are not-for-profit, we are not going to give away parrots. This is how we manage to pay for the care and upkeep of the birds now in the shelter. To do this would be to let down the birds that we are currently caring for and eventually, will cause us to shut our doors as there will be NO money left to care for any of the birds. If you are looking for a free bird, please look elsewhere as birds are not free nor are they inexpensive to keep as companions.
    Our fees are NOT listed on our web site because each bird's fee is based upon the costs we have incurred. Please do NOT call and ask the prices of our birds. Our process tries to match the bird with you and not to try to place a bird based upon it's adoption fee.

    Send your application to:
    South East Iowa Parrot Rescue
    3554 270th. Avenue Keokuk, IA 52632

    or email it to: KeokukBirds@MSN.com

    You'll also need to schedule a visit to us. We're located in the Southeastern corner of Iowa. We'll be happy to send directions Also, we cannot promise that there will be a bird for you right away. The purpose of the interviews is to see if you're right for a bird. Remember, all of our birds lived somewhere else before, and may need special people to live with. When you make an appointment, please try to be on time. I plan my schedule around visits.

    We'll try to let you know if a bird that fits your situation comes in, but you'll want to occasionally check to see what new birds have arrived.Available Birds, Available Birds 2

    News From the Bird World:

    F.A.Q.ís about South East Iowa Parrot Rescue:

    Are all of your birds friendly?

    No, unfortunately not. Many of the birds we get in have problems, feather plucking, screaming, biting..... Some birds are just being themselves, but their normal behaviors are not recognized by their owners. Parrots chew wood, they donít care if it is a bird toy or your Grandmotherís best antiques. To them, wood is wood. Birds squawk and scream. It is how they communicate with each other. Birds bite to protect themselves Ė remember that Parrots are prey animals and humans are predators! No matter how cute parrots appear on Animal Planet programs, older rescue birds "may" come with some quirks the new owner will have to work through. Parrots will always need time to adjust to their new home, new family, cage location, etc. Parrots can be loud, messy, may bite until they get used to you, and involve different care than owning a dog or a cat!

    Can I give a bird as a gift?

    Donít. Parrots are time consuming, living, pooping, intelligent animals. They are not suitable as gifts to children or inexperienced potential bird owners. Rescue parrots are unpredictable, and often scream, bite or pluck their own feathers.

    I am looking for a baby or a very young parrot.

    We donít have them.

    I want a bird that talks.

    Sorry, but not all parrots talk, and many donít talk well. Unfortunately, often parrots in a rescue may talk, but they say things that you donít want your children or your preacher to hear.

    Why do you want a parrot?

    Parrots are wild animals that live with people. They are not domesticated. They are not toys. They are not status symbols. They screech, bite, poop and destroy stuff. They require lots of time and money to care for. They are not cuddly like cats and dogs. Please donít get a parrot for the wrong reasons. They are easily scared and will fly away. They should never be allowed loose to fly unless completely secure.

    Are birds inexpensive to keep?

    Birds are expensive pets. Cages start at 30 or so dollars for finches and parakeets, and several hundred dollars (or more) for large birds. Parrots cannot live on an all seed diet. Pelleted food, fruits and vegetables are necessary too. Some birds such as Lories and Eclectus require specialized diets. Avian veterinary bills are expensive. Tests are difficult and costly. Occasionally even after spending hundreds of dollars, the bird still dies. Due to their skittish nature ( they are prey after all, not predators) birds will occasionally have heart attacks just from fear. And donít forget toys to prevent boredom. A busy macaw or Cockatoo will destroy 50 dollars worth of toys in days.

    A few things to be aware of:
    1. We seldom place birds with smokers.

    2. We never ship birds anywhere.

    3. We never place a bird with someone we haven't met, interviewed, and visited with, either here, or in their home.

    4. We only place large birds in a home with previous bird experience.

    5. If you adopt from us, you will sign a contract.

    6. We DO charge an adoption fee. All Birds come with some food, and toys appropriate for the bird's size.


    Email: KeokukBirds@MSN.com